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If you’re not able to make it to your appointment please let me know at least 72 hours in advance. We can transfer your deposit to a new date and get everything switched to a better time.

Failure to notify me of a need to cancel or reschedule or a no-show will result in forfeited deposit. Anything over 20 minutes late without notice will be considered a no show. Multiple no shows will result in no longer being able to book. A third reschedule will require a new deposit to maintain the date.

I always want to be as accommodating as possible, please chat with me if you need to make a change.
Deposits are not refundable 


If you’re having second thoughts on the design or placement, I ask for at least a week’s notice of any changes you’d like to make. Small changes are acceptable but if you are changing your whole idea your may be asked for a new deposit.

Some designs also take longer to draw and plan; proper notice of changes allows me time to give the drawing the attention it deserves. Without such notice we may need to reschedule to allow time for the drawing.

Please note that I mostly accept design inquiry's based on projects that align with the vision I have for my work and the direction that I’m passionate about; although I have a wide range of subject matter I truly enjoy working with, it is possible that a new idea with very different subject matter/placement/sizing limitations will not be something that aligns with my work. With this said I would love to hear your ideas! 


Deposit amounts:
Standard Piece (anything that can be finished in 1-2 sessions): $100
Minimal tattoos: $80
Large scale work (sleeves/full front/back pieces): $300

The amount will come off of the total at the final session once the tattoo is fully finished.

Deposits are not refundable, please be sure before booking.


Deposits can be paid  via e-trasnfer to or paid in CASH at the studio (Heartache Tattoo- 607 Columbia St. New Westminster, BC)

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