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Will I see my drawing beforehand?

Artwork will be available on the day of your tattoo. I generally finish everything up the night before our scheduled appointment to keep it fresh in my mind - we can go over everything the day of together! If there are specific details or stylistic elements you do or do not want included in the design, or a specific coverage or size, just let me know in you inquiry.

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

I understand needing a pal when your getting a tattoo, though a crowd when I am focusing is a bit distracting. If you choose to bring a guest please limit it to one person, and give me a heads up before hand. We have a couple waiting areas and I am more then happy to pull up a chair  so they can keep you company. 

Please make sure all guests in the studio are 18+

Can I use numbing cream?

I know getting a tattoo is tough and numbing cream can be tempting... and I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your appointment... But,  I do prefer to tattoo without the use of topical numbing creams, so your tattoo heals with the best results!  I will always offer a Bactine spray after the linework is completed which has 2.5% lidocaine in its ingredients. This often takes the edge off and makes it more bearable. I am happy to offer breaks, snacks and good conversation to get through the hard times. 

If you absolutely cant go without numbing cream, Please chat with me when booking and we can discuss it :)

Where are you located?

I own and tattoo out of Heartache Tattoo Located at 607 Columbia St. New Westminster, BC. We are a block away from New Westminster or Columbia Skytrain stations. Street parking can be limited and hard to find but there is ample paid daily & hourly parking at Front Street Parkade, located directly across the street. 

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